The First End-to-End Data Service for Autonomous Driving
AIMMO AD-DaaS provides a DataOps pipeline that can help autonomous companies grow Machine Learning technology and expand their Operational Design Domain (ODD). Integrated data services supported by autonomous driving technology experts allow AI models to be advanced by creating optimal GT datasets that are fit-for-purpose with minimal data.
Autonomous Driving Datasets

Providing all-cycle data services necessary for AI model development considering customer ODD
AIMMO AD-DaaS is the first service to provide integrated management of data, including data collection, curation, and labeling in the autonomous driving field. It provides end-to-end services from scenario definitions based on self-driving technology standards and regulations to raw data collection using data collection vehicles, labeling data generation, and the use of synthetic data technology. In addition to generating the optimal GT dataset that’s fit-for-purpose, companies can trigger the edge cases that their AI model needs.
Data services and insights from autonomous driving professionals
AIMMO AD-DaaS self-driving technology research professionals have in-depth knowledge and expertise in functional safety and machine learning, including autonomous driving technology standards and regulations. Our experts maximize the performance advancement rate of AI models over time and cost, and help secure a competitive edge in the market by providing superior data insights.
Create optimized datasets based on Data-centric AI
AIMMO ADaaS analyzes the customer's ODD to construct an optimized dataset based on Data-centric AI. It also supports Model-centric AI of autonomous driving companies. AIMMO ADaaS provides balanced data composition through data curation, and through repeated experiments and evaluations, it can provide an optimized dataset that minimizes bias and variance.
“AIMMO’s ADaaS provides full-cycle data consulting service compatible with automotive companies’ Operational Design Domains.This is a unique strength, allowing us to focus on the customer and define scenarios based on their specific requirements. The use-case complexity of autonomous vehicles has seen the industry use large volumes of data to train self-driving algorithms; however, this approach demands significant data collection which in turn reduces data quality and thus the overall time and efficiency of data operations. AIMMO’s ADaaS approach to solving this problem is distinctly different and marks a paradigm shift; ADaaS focuses on automotive standards of definition, high-quality baseline (or ground-truth data) and AI-powered synthetic augmentation.
AIMMO Autonomous
Driving Datasets
The AIMMO autonomous driving dataset was created based on the ODD Taxonomy defined in ISO 34503. ODD Taxonomy and scenarios are organized as metadata, making it easy to use. It can be used to develop path planning and motion planning algorithms beyond autonomous driving perception. AIMMO OpenDataset provides camera (4 units), LiDAR (7 units), GNSS/INS and vehicle control data as source data. Annotation data includes Bounding box, Panoptic segmentation, Cuboid, and Track ID types.
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Boost your AI model’s performance and gain a tangible competitive edge
AIMMO AD-DaaS will boost your AI model’s performance. Our autonomous driving professionals will collect, curate, and label data to your requirements and create the best possible optimized data. Explore our cutting-edge autonomous driving data management service right now.
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