AI & Workforce service for Data Labeling
AIMMO GTaaS(Ground Truth as a Service) collects and processes large amounts of learning data that is difficult to manage directly in the enterprise. The service efficiently manages various data, including images, images, audio, and text. And it helps your business effectively secure types of data that are difficult to collect and process within your enterprise.
AIMMO GTaaS solves data problems at an efficient cost, allowing enterprise customers to focus on developing AI models. The service supports all types of AI-related projects, including autonomous driving, video surveillance, OCR, de-identification, voice recognition, chatbot scenarios, and data and advertising quality assessments.
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Ground Truth as a Service
Experienced Data Labeling Specialists
AIMMO supports the entire project lifecycle with extensive technology, knowhow and experience.
Superior Technical Skills
Using patented AI technology (inc. Smart Labeling™ and SQIP™) AIMMO produces high quality Ground Truth data faster.
Quality Assurance
AIMMO ensures 99.9% annotation accuracy through a proprietary quality control system.

AIMMO’s effective problem solving
How to solve your problems using AIMMO
Managing Labelers
  • Hiring and training labelers
  • Supervising accuracy and performance of labelers
  • Real-time updates of re-training guidelines
Annotation Quality Control
  • Valuable resources wasted on checking annotation quality
  • Difficult to maintain annotation consistency across labelers
Project Workflow Design
  • VDividing complicated projects into smaller components and merging the results
  • Planning resources such as how many labelers are needed for which task
Efficient Management
  • Highly trained labeling specialists, both in-house & crowd based
  • Most efficient labeler assignment based on work histor
  • Annotation platform supporting real-time communication and guideline change announcements
Built-In Quality Control
  • Multiple manual review system - Skilled reviewers, AQM(Annotation Quality Manager)
  • ML assisted review - statistical model based SQIP™ screens large quantities of data
  • Constant retraining of labelers and AI boosts accuracy
Experienced Experts
  • Specific annotation experience across multiple customers and industries
  • Plan and design the most cost-effective workflow and process

AIMMO Quality
AIMMO’s built-in quality assurance systems ensure annotation accuracy
Active Learning
Ground Truth based evolution
  • Improved work efficiency through continuous AI evolution
  • Faster learning and workload benefits with larger project volumes
Raw Data
  • Automation of simple labeling task by AI models
  • Labelers can focus on high-level labeling
  • Identification of training needs through automated tracking of labeler output
  • Quality improvements assured through ongoing training
  • Review by AIMMO’s Quality Manager
Final Review
  • Final review by AIMMO’s Project Leaders
  • Consensus-based review in case of disagreement among reviewers
Ground Truth

Smart Labeling
Improve working speed and
accuracy with automatic annotation
AIMMO’s deep-learning AI labeling and inspection algorithms continue to advance with active learning. Reductions in the working time have improved from 30% to 90% through continued retraining of the algorithms based on proven annotation data.
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Object Detection
Automatic detection and labeling of objects and classes required for autonomous driving.
Object Tracking
Automatic assigning of unique Tracking IDs to vehicle and person classes across successive frames.
Supporting instance and semantic segmentation types. Can infer real-time interactive inference and large files at the same time.
3D Image Cuboid
By calibrating with the collected LiDAR file, the location, dimension, and orientation information of the object is automatically displayed on the image.
3D LiDAR Object Detection
Automatically recognizes cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles appearing in point cloud files and creates 3D cuboids.
Automatically clusters massive image datasets to their purpose using deep learning. Quality assurance can be acquired quickly by having labelers validate the AI's output and comparing the labeler's and AI's work.
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