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AIMMO is redefining how AI powers smart automation. At the heart of the AIMMO solution are a proprietary AI-driven approach to the acquisition, curation, labeling, and augmentation of structured data that delivers highly accurate training data faster through a proven automated data operations process.

Global leader in the generation
of full life cycle training data

Global leader in the generation of full life cycle training data


AIMMO connects people
with data through
accelerated AI solutions.

AIMMO is re-defining how AI can be used and applied to power smart automation. At the heart of AIMMO’s smart automation solution is its proprietary AI-driven approach to the acquisition, curation, labeling, and augmentation of structured, highly accurate training data that is delivered even faster to end users through AIMMO’s automated data operations process.

With its transformative supply and licensing models, AIMMO is leading the global enablement of new smart applications to realize automation efficiency in a wide range of fields from autonomous vehicles to smart cities, industry 4.0, robotics, and security services.





The velocity of the data generation is accelerated, and the value associated with it diminishes with time.
If not processed in real-time, businesses face lost opportunities with financial implications and sometimes, especially in industrial IoT scenarios, can result in fatal situations.

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In its business sense, data curation is a critical component of an enterprise data strategy because it helps ensure the organization can use its data well and comply with data-related regulatory and security requirements.

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Data labeling refers to adding tags or labels to raw data such as images, videos, text, and audio. These tags form a representation of objects to which the data belongs and helps a machine learning model learn to identify that particular class of objects when encountered in data without a tag.

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AIMMO's GTaaS (Ground Truth as a Service) provides high-quality AI training data applicable to the project's requirements, saving companies the time and resources required to collate and validate this data.


DaaS is similar to software as a service, or SaaS. This cloud computing strategy involves delivering applications to end-users over the network rather than having them run applications locally on their devices. Just as SaaS removes the need to install and manage software locally, DaaS outsources most data storage, integration, and processing operations to the cloud.


AIMMO Enterprise is a service that supports AI training data by creating a platform in the form of software as a Service (SaaS) so that customers can design their own projects and perform tasks in collaboration. It provides a variety of settings for efficient work and allows customers to work without time and space constraints through a web browser.


AIMMO LabelOps is a service that innovatively supports the process of machine learning experiment, development, and operations by providing AI training data through continuous integration with the client's MLOps.

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