4 CoreUse Cases


Why DaaS

  1. Collect the Small Data you need with AIMMO’s specialized Edge-Device.
  2. Reduce the data production cost for model development process through our automated data production solution.
  3. Effectively supplement the model’s data gaps with synthetic data, which cannot be obtained naturally.
  4. Accelerate the entire process from data collect to model distribution, by using ML Pipeline construction service with AIMMO’s model development techniques.

AI DATA Solution 4 Core is implemented in all industries that involve both people and AI, such as autonomous driving, Smart City, CCTV, Robotics, Drone, ships, and construction equipment. Improve the data-centric AI model’s performance with our 4-step AI model data solution of data collection, filtering, labeling, and evaluation.

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DaaS 1


Collect data with AIMMO’s Edge Device, which has specialized object detection technology for autonomous driving. Our autonomous driving technology specialists provide a complete cycle of data service that allows you to only collect the Small Data you need. Save money and resources on data production and AI model performance enhancement with us. AIMMO’s End-to-end service includes defining scenarios according to autonomous driving rules and regulations, collecting raw data with our data collection vehicle, creating labeling data, and utilizing synthetic data. Our team of R&D specialists focus on maximizing AI model’s performance while saving time, by providing outstanding data insight, balanced data curation, and an even dataset with minimized variance through repeated experiments and simulations to ensure your market competitiveness.

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DaaS 2


Utilize AIMMO’s Data Platform to develop and enhance Data Hubs to build, plan, and manage Smart City systems. Develop an AI model for various sectors using our service. Infra Data is a key component to building a Smart City, and is growing exponentially as it can provide numerous meaningful insights. By capturing, studying, and analyzing AI data, it could benefit various aspects of Smart City such as public safety, traffic managment, and law enforcement. AIMMO’s SC-Daas can automatically collect, categorize, analyze, and process data and only extract the Small Data you need. By providing a complete, organized data environment categorized by sectors, we can help you improve efficiency in Data production cost and management.

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DaaS 3


Develop and enhance AI models for Robotics using AIMMO’s specizlized data technologies. Improve AI Data processing, a rising key compnent of Robitics. Create datasets for Smart Factory, Smart Farm, and other areas of intelligent robots. By collecting data based on sensors and visual cues, we process the raw data into Small Data, curate them into Clean Data, then provide the finalized version of optimized dataset you can use. This obtimized dataset can be the foundation for robot arms and interactions, place categorization, multi-drone, robot control, vision AI, and more to develop intelligent and open source robotics. Enhance your robotics ecosystem in a cost-efficient way with AIMMO.