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Why you should use AIMMO Studio

3D Multi Sensor Fusion Labeling supported for LIDAR, RADAR, and Camera.

Why you should use AIMMO Studio

Save your money and time with Smart Labeling

Why you should use AIMMO Studio

Over 20 different labeling tools available

Why you should use AIMMO Studio

Fine-tuning function for smart labeling in custom models

Why you should use AIMMO Studio

Curate and edit real-time labeling results with our Instance Viewer

Why you should use AIMMO Studio

Intuitive file upload system, fast data delivery

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AIMMO Studio is a web-based collaborative tool for easy, accessible large AI data management. We provide the convenient studio environment for various data pre-processing and labeling.Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, as soon as you’re connected to the internet. Manage your data with our stage-by-stage evaluation, AI smart labeling, AI quality checks, and product validation with a variety of scenarios provided by us.

What You Can Do on the Studio

Real-time Dashboard

Get an overview of the project’s progress with each labeler’s progress, accuracy, and time.

Visual Feedback Provided

No need to hold verbal training sessions yourself, we show the correct examples of annotations.

Link-share Projects

Shareable links are created for each project. Check on each project’s progress anywhere with this accessible link.

Evaluation of Annotation Accuracy

Assess each labeler’s annotation accuracy. Select the labelers for different projects to enhance the quality of data.

Check on Each Labeler’s Progress

Check individual progress. Adjust schedules and workload optimized to each labeler’s own pace.

Real-time Communication

Leave comments on each data and label. Actively communicate with the data labelers as they work.

Smart Labeling

A creative way to manage your data. Complete your AI data with our easy, accessible tool.

Maximize your AI Model’s performance with AIMMO Studio. Get started now, with our fast, precise data training.

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